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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year To All!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lock Your Car Doors

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Having a home security system often makes homeowners lazy when it comes to being as safe as possible at home. Many people think that just because they have HOME ALARM SYSTEMS they have nothing to worry about. While have a home security system is helpful and can provide peace of mind, one should always be careful to take commonsense steps to protect their home and family. One of the most basic things people do is leave their car doors unlocked! It’s amazing how often people have items stolen from their vehicles, especially electronics like phones and GPS systems because they forgot to lock the car doors. You wouldn’t leave your car doors unlocked in a parking lot at the grocery store so why would you do it at home where your car is sitting outside all night? Most people don’t do it on purpose—they have their hands full or are distracted and forget before they go in the house. Do yourself a favor—at night before you go to bed, just double check! If you have a remote, just hit the button. Most remotes will reach from inside your house!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smiley Pins

Sometimes the best presents are not the priciest or the fanciest of all, it's not the bulk or quantity which tells its value.  Small things can also mean even bigger than the "big" stuffs, sometimes it's the thought that really counts.

Since the holidays are almost here, finding the right gift for everyone can be quite a task.  Should it be something useful, something cute or something collectible?  So many things to consider but the best thing to go for is something practical and useful.

Talking of useful, cute and collectible, pins are the winners.  These tiny cuties can be custom made according to your desired designs.  Imagine wearing cute nursing pins like this while checking out patients during nurse calls, it's like sending smiles to all. 


Play Guns For Big Ones

Most parents would not want their kids to get guns and other kind of toys which promote violence.  This is actually good because with the great supervision of parents the kids will steer of violent acts and hopefully they can carry it off until they are all grown up.

There are many kinds of play guns which kids can play with which can be plain old fun like water squirters.  These are fun toys for kids most especially during the hot summer months.  Of course grown ups who are kids at heart sometimes crave for that fun with guns.  It's never safe to play with real guns even if it's not loaded therefore airsoft pistol can be the perfect one for them.

Airsoft guns mimic the real guns but of course least the fatal effect.  Big guys can have so much fun using it for target shooting or even a fun game of paintball.  The hype of shooting and aiming at each other wearing protective gears can truly make any grown up feel like a boy again.  Take note that even these pistols can hurt you with a direct or short range hit so proper precaution must always be observed by all means.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue Sky For You

Sometimes we worry too much about giving gifts and presents to others and we forget about ourselves.  It is very important to reward yourself from time to time whether it is a big purchase or a small purchase.  Say for instance you are a working person and being presentable at all times is a must, why not get yourself a fresh new pair of uniform or shoes? 

Rewarding yourself can boost your self-esteem and can make you feelgood as ever.  If you are working in the medical industry and you're trying to look for a good item to choose, check out what Blue Sky at and see what's their latest offers. 

Blue Sky is not just your regular scrubs store, it has great selections of high quality medical uniforms both for men and women.  If your little one loves to dress up like you, look no further because Blue Sky also carries scrubs for kids.  Cute little scrubs for the little tots perfect for those who love to dress up like grown ups.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Experience London 2012 Olympics

I love to travel and one of my greatest dream is to travel around the world and explore different cultures.  It must be great to experience diversified cultures and try new things and foods.  Every place has its own story and the only way to know an understand fully is to be there and be immersed to it.

One of the best vacation to plan for this coming 2012 is the London Olympics.  As well know it's always a grand event and being there to be part of the festivity can be a great experience.  Spending the some holiday break with your dear partner to watch the olympics is something worth doing.  There are many Olympics 2012 accommodation holiday rentals in London to stay in even for prolonged period which are way more affordable and inexpensive compared to hotels.  Overseas trip can really be heavy on the budget but if given the right preparations and proper planning you can end up saving a lot more. 

London is such a great travel destination where you can find museums, royal parks and historical landmarks.  We certainly would love to see the rich architecture and all the historical structures, enjoy the city and  sights and take lots of photographs.  There are so many things to do there other than seeing the Olympics like endless shopping, fun skating and city tours.  With so many things to do and places to see, a week won't be enough to get your holiday vacation through.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Charleston Homes

Apartment rental is one of the most common means of living for most people here in US.  There are many homeowners before who had to give up their homes due to foreclosure, today's economy has pushed people to downgrade from their own home to being just a regular tenant.  Sad to say that's how much effect the recession has been causing most people.
They say right now is the perfect time to purchase a house rather than waste your hard earned money paying for an apartment which will never be yours.  Taking the plunge sure sounds risky but having your very own place can have more benefits as compared to renting.

For your house hunting needs in Charleston trust the leading company who knows the ins and outs of the area and has been in the business for quite some time already.  Charleston real estate has a good listing for the good, affordable houses in South Carolina.  Why waste your money renting something you can't even own when you can take the leap and get something that can truly be yours in time?  Having to own a house can be the most valuable gift you can get for yourself and your dear partner.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

For The Big Guys

The holidays is fast approaching, time to start shopping for the presents to avoid the rush. Finding the right gift for people on your list can be quite a challenge at times. It's hard to decide whether to give this or that, it just seems like despite the wide selection of things out there gift giving requires more than thoughtful thinking.

If you ever noticed that finding gifts for women are easier than men's, I'd say the same thing. It seems like gifts for HER is way more flexible than for HIM. For some reason it's a no brainer trying to get something for a woman or girl for a present. May it be accessories, clothes, shoes or just any other things, there's always a girl thingy that you can see.

Guys on the other hand always give me a hard time figuring out what to get most especially for special occasions. Clothes are ideal to give though sizing can be tricky sometimes. For the big guys you cant go wrong with mens big and tall clothing and this doesn't necessarily be for any particular occasion.

King Size The Big and Tall Experts carries great selections of clothing and accessories for the big and tall men who just can't find their right fit in regular clothing brands. Clothes are specially designed for their specific length and width. No more short shirts or those with skimpy fit. Make your big and tall men feel more comfortable than ever. King Size got it all covered.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Educational Toys

Toys are always appreciated by kids, it's like a candy treat for them. However we have to be careful what to give them because toys can influence their development and thinking. Getting the right age appropriate toys is something to consider.

There are many kinds of toys for girls, boys, babies and even for grown ups to enjoy. It's highly recommended for kids to have childrens educational toys, these toys can help contribute to kids' development and learning. They can learn about colors, time, shapes, numbers and even the alphabet in a fun entertaining way.

Not all kids though get too inclined to certain toys and prefer to be actively playing outdoors. here are also toys for outdoor use like garden sets, bikes, wagons and ball games. No matter what occasion it may be, toys are generally one of the most versatile gift to give.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Construction Estimating Software

image credit
Boses sure are among the hardest to find gifts and in some cases even colleagues.  Are you going for a more professional type of gift like those high end apparels, gadgets and supplies or stick to simpler gifts?  Tough isn't it?  You can actually go either way, simpler with much thoughts or grander at higher bucks.  Gifting is something one can be so creative about too.  There are a lot of options out there, just think hard and you will find something out of the ordinary.  

If you have more money to spare it is always better to give something useful like a construction estimating software.  Imagine how much this can help in the job most especially for those who handle estimates, this software can save time and effort making estimating a lot easier than before.  This software can increase productivity at work since estimating can be handled much simpler, there will be more time to do some other things.  

Don't be afraid to go off the traditional gifting ideas because most of the time such common gifts result to duplicates and even more to the recipient.  It ends up being a waste and ethically you don't re-gift whatever was given to you.  It just doesn't seem right but of course it's always upon your own discretion how you feel about such thing.


Monday, September 19, 2011

All New Scrubs

How can you find the perfect gift for a friend who's too fashion forward and quite branded with her clothing?  I know that's not so hard to get but it surely will cost more than your usual budget.  What if you don't even like buying such pricey items for you?  Of course that will feel a bit heavy on your end.  As I always say, it's the thought that counts and not the price.  There are just some instances when we can't fully apply such thinking because some people are way too picky on their things but if you think practial you'll definitely find something else to give within your budget reach.

If your dear friend is a nurse or working in a medical institution then nurse uniform scrubs can be.  Blue Sky Scrubs has a wide selection of scrubs, uniforms and accessories.  It will actually fit a fashion forward nurse since there are more colors to choose from unlike before.  The fabric, cut and fit is perfect for those who want comfortable and yet fashionable uniform.  Check out to see more styles, you might find the right pair for her with matching chic head accessories to go with it.  Who says you can't feel and look pretty while in your scrubs nowadays? 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beach House

There’s nothing like my beach house…its’ right on the water and I just adore being able to throw the dog in the car and take off for a weekend full of sun and fun and relaxation. I also like being so close to the casinos so when I’ve got friends down visiting there’s at least something for us to do at night since it can get a little quite around the beach house. I’ve spent a lot of time getting this place just right including all the awesome beach themed d├ęcor and all the paintings I’ve had commissioned of the Biloxi beaches. I also went online at home and read up on satellite internet in Mississippi to make sure it was an option all the way out at the beach house. I’m thinking about adding on a hot tub deck next summer but as I’m sure you know, vacation homes aren’t exactly cheap so it’s going to be an uphill battle when it comes to finding the money for that project!

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Safe Cig To The Rescue

image credit The Safe Cig

Do you know anybody who's struggling to quite their smoking habits? How about giving them a gift which can rescue them from the addictive smoking habits they are sinking into? I believe in the gift of health therefore if we can introduce change and healthier or at least less harmful options for people we care for it can make a very big difference. As we all know smoking is dangerous to our health, not only for the person smoking but also for those who inhale the second hand smoke. It poses great health risks which later on can consume their bodies and lead to regretful conditions.

An electronic cigarette is a good alternative to regular cigars and tobaccos. People who are trying to quit from smoking can make a difference with this safer cigarette option. This e cigar can help smokers have the pleasure of smoking less the harmful chemicals which they used to smoke. Though the e cigar has nicotine content as ingredient, it doesn't have the tar, smoke and odor of a regular cigar. You must consider giving this product to people 18yrs and older and definitely not for childre, pregnant an d breastfeeding women, or people with medical complications unless medically recommended.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweaters For The Cold Weathers

Sweaters are better gifts for the upcoming seasons, it will soon be chilly therefore the need to stay warm and under wrap is a must.  There are so many styles of sweaters which can fit somebody else's style and character.  Colors for the casual look, dark colors for the more formal feel and white for the ultimate everyday appeal.  What you wear usually shows your personality, this simply means you being you and feeling comfortable with yourself and your clothing.

Make sure to give the right size if giving it as a gift.  There are numerous sweaters in many different outlets, boutiques and stores but mostly are for the smaller frame.  If you are looking for plus size sweaters then Jessica London is where you should start browsing.  JL plus sized clothing carries sizes 12 to 32, specially made for full figured women.  So many lovely looking sweaters are currently on sale, great discounts and best deals for your budget.  For your ultimate shopping pleasure take advantage of the 40% off any highest priced item in your cart, promotion ends on the 18th this September. 


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fine Wine For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fats approaching, invitations will surely come in soon.  It's an honor to be invited to somebody else's home to join them on a thanksgiving dinner.  Everybody eating all together and just sharing some laughs and chats on the table gives such warmth to the chilly night.  Of course who wouldn't want to have a piece of that turkey which smells incredibly good as it goes out of the oven on to the table?

Traditionally, guests brings over pies or some other foods or treats which can be served together with the dinner.  Though pies and sweets are common treats to bring, a bottle of fine wine is an excellent choice for the lovely dinner.  Some might want to drink the wine and some might not, wine certainly is a perfect match to the scrumptious dinner.  It is a common notion that wine gifts are very practical to give most especially to dinner or parties. Anybody can have a nice glass of wine as they toss for the evening's lovely gathering.

Gift giving is not always about price, trend or amount, it is always the thought that counts. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

Kiddie Boardshorts

Although summer's coming to an end and it is starting to get chilly out there, sunny days aren't very much over just yet. There are still sunny days and very nice to have some fun in the sun. Kids who love to play outdoors, at the water park or the beach can make use of a good pair of kids boardshorts. Having to wear the right kind of shorts when playing with water can make the fun time more comfortable and the kids can dry up faster than just regular clothing.

There are so many cool designs of boardshorts for kids. Colorful pairs are very nice to look at and that will also make kids be easily spotted even from afar. The fabric is very nice fir such outdoor fun and kids would certainly love it. This makes a very good and practical gift for little tots. It can be very useful because most of the time they are out and about playing. If there's something kids can't resist, it's water. Making mud pits there in the sandbox is just their kind of fun. Boardshorts can truly be a great gift for active little ones.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frontal Enhancement

Vanity can be called a sickness for some people, those who overdo things to their body and practically destroy their natural form. It's true and undeniable that every person ages and so as our body. Some people love to alter their body with implants, botox and such just to achieve something more than what they have now. There's nothing bad to it and people must not be judged according to their actions towards their craving for vanity's sake. If he or she feels good and comfortable about it there isn't really an issue unless their changes create harm or such discomfort to others.

One of the most common vanity for women is enhancing the breasts. Many would go under the knife to achieve the size they want and some would rather keep their real size having to fear the procedure and the future side effects. For those who would want such enhancement and not willing to go under the knife, RealBreast has a line of silicone prosthetic which looks very realistic to touch and sight. Creating an illusion of bigger front is now achievable without the use of surgery. This product line is very recommended to those who has gone through surgery and had their breasts removed. The breast prosthesis comes in single or pair in multiple sizes and 6 standard skin tones. No more painful procedures and still get a fuller breast size with RealBreast.


Baby Yum Yum

Baby food is a more practical gift for little tots since most people will give toys or clothes. Special rice crackers is something not usually seen in any grocery store, making it a more unique gift.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UCC Ash Handling Systems

A family-owned business which stood out through tough times founded in 1920 still stays strong in service of the people and industries needing ash handling solutions. 89 years of continued service and commitment with unparalleled dedication to provide exceptional services to clients. United Conveyor Corporation guarantees clients with the highest quality services that meet their specific standards and specifications. On-time project execution by trained field service engineers is one thing the company assures every client regardless if it's a small or big scale operation.

United Conveyor Corporation offers ash handling systems for utility and non-utility generating stations all over the world. Industries which generate ash like power plants need to work efficiently by keeping their system mechanism clean and residue free. UCC is engineered to perform according to the needs and certain criteria of every plant. They have the technology to help improve plant performance with the right solution needed for every application.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Legal Funding

Money nowadays is very hard to find, resources are scarce and jobs are not hiring.  What if you happened to be out of work due to an accident and need to attend court procedures?  This won't give you money unless you go for the win but who knows when will the case be over and if the verdict will truly go in favor of you?  Going through a lawsuit can cost you great amount of money to get the case moving.  Imagine all your hard earned money having to be used for such purpose and you not having anything back all throughout the process.  Looks like you lose more taking your precious time and using your well kept funds but of course who wouldn't want justice?  Who wouldn't want to have their case win until the very end?

If you are stressing over money matters to get your case going, LightHouse Legal Finance can help with lawsuit cash advance, presettlement funding or lawsuit loans settlement.  They can provide the funds you need in as little as 24 to 48 hours prior to application submission.  Applying for funding can be done online or by calling their toll free number 1-800-SOS-CASH.  LightHouse Legal understands your needs in fighting your lawsuit that's why they offer legal funding from $500 to $500,000 and they only get paid after you win the case. Their professional team will review your case upon application submission and if the documentation review favors the probability of winning the trial, that will further determine your eligibility for the funding.  If you know you have to fight and the case is yours then don't give up just because you have no funding to pursue your justice.  Give chance to LightHouse Legal Finance to see what they can do for you and for your success.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty Treats

It is always easier to find gift ideas for ladies, for some reason almost everything can easily be given and also with a lot more varieties.  Older women who love to dress up and get their face done can always make use of beauty treats for gift.  Make-ups and such are very ideal to give which can be for sure be of good use for them.  There's a whole line of make up for the entire face starting from the eyes all the way to the lips.  Make up quad and kits can make a practical gift or if you are more in a budget simpler items like mascara, foundation, blush on, etc. will be good enough.  Prices will also differ according to the name brand.

Not all beauty treats are just for vanity reasons, it can also be for treatment of some conditions like very short and sparse eyelashes.  Latisse is a special medication formulated to give fuller, longer and richer colored lashes.  This product though is not available over the counter but can be obtained through a prescription from physicians like dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  People with eyelash problems can be qualified candidates for this special formula to promote their eyelash growth.  Men and women alike can make use of Latisse, there's no gender specification with this eyelash product.  Everybody can enjoy longer and fuller eyelashes without having to use extensions like false eyelashes or heavy mascaras.  Just make sure if getting this as a gift for someone to obtain the right and necessary prescription, this is the only was this product will be sold to you.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pearly Whites

I'm not talking about white pearls but your very own pearly whites. One very practical and ideal gift for students going back to school is a oral hygiene kit which includes toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and toothpaste. Those who stay in their own dorm will really need a new set like this and it's a must to have those items.

Taking care of our teeth will benefit us for the future. There will be no need for dentures and less susceptibility to bad damaged teeth. It's good to have an early start by going to the family dentist as early as kid and continuous visits for cleaning and other necessary treatments. Though preliminary care comes from the dentist, every individual's supposed to do their part to keep their teeth healthy. No matter how many dentists you got to or how frequent you visits them for treatment, it will never be the same with you cleaning your teeth regularly.

That's why it's very practical and useful to give oral hygiene kit as a gift. Why give something so extravagant and grand but won't be as useful as this?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dresses For Her

image credit c/o Roaman's

Clothes are the all time, all occasion gift for everyone. I know sometimes it's hard to get the right size but if you know it by heart that it will fit then you can't go wrong with clothes for a gift. Speaking of sizes, there are specialty shops and stores for plus size dresses. Of course women of all body build are entitled to be equally fashionable regardless of their figure.

Roaman's carry beautiful line of clothing for women from sizes 12 and up. There's a wide selection of dress styles and designs from casual to formal, comfortable everyday casuals, intimate apparels like lingerie, denims, swimwear, outdoor wear, shoes and matching accessories. It's one of the best carrier of clothing for full figured women.

Right now you can take advantage of the special sale for the best summer must-haves at 60% off. Summer might be almost over but you can never go wrong having some of the best summer dresses in your wardrobe collection. Dresses for her and you will surely be a practical and chic gift any woman can receive.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scents Are Great

There are many kinds of perfumes and scents out there and it's very convenient to give as a gift.  You can choose it according to that person's taste or personality, men or women can be given such present.  Price is not bad considering you can even find some great buys on sale or if you are really tight on budget dollar stores sometimes have some good perfumes too.  We're talking of being cheap here but it's more of the thought that counts. 


Cutting Down The Leak

Many places are experiencing drought and some places don't have enough clean potable water.  We must all do our share to help conserve and preserve our water resources.  There are many ways to help, simple little steps but makes a big difference.  Say for instance having those leaky faucets fixed.  Every single drop of water can accumulate to a bigger volume in time.  Using buckets and container when cleaning cars and the like instead of using a hose with on-stop running water.  Same with brushing your teeth, use a glass then keeping the tap running because that's a lot of waste.

For maintenance works for those leaky faucets Steamteam can do the job for you.  They are known for carpet cleaning and other services but they also specialize in water damage jobs austin.  Having those leaky and damaged faucets can create big damage to your homes and getting it fixed is the best solution to prevent further trouble. 

For more information on services offered, check out  There's no better time in fixing those home problems but now.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Home For Your Honey

Vacation homes can be classified as luxurious gift but if you have the means to get it why not? Having a place to go to for some quality time with your dear partner is something worth investing. In the long run if you get to have kids then that will be a great family vacation place to go to whenever you feel like kicking back and relaxing for a while.

Having a place near the beach is very ideal for a couple or a family. it can serve as a retreat place to escape the busy life in the city away from the hustle and bustle. Hawaii houses are great to acquire as it can also serve as an investment having to rent it when not in use. Isn't it good to have something which serves as an income generator as well?

Hawaii is a great place, white sandy shores, beautiful sunset and crystal clear waters. It's an ultimate paradise for city people who would want a taste of some local fun under the tropic sun.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

WebiMax Offers Results

WebiMax is definitely a site to check out for those looking for assistance in search engine optimization for their sites. Not only do they offer services in search engine optimization, but they also offer search engine marketing, web design, social media campaigns and so much more. Social media campaigns is an interesting topic sice it is a trend these days and has proven to be very effective in gaining substantial traffic to many websites. There different methods to drive traffic to websites via social media. There is twitter marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing and even as simple as emailing everyone you know and perhaps ask them to promote your site to other people. You'd be surprised by how effective email can be when you really put it in motion.

So there are many ways to that social media campaigns can benefit any website if it is utilized properly. I think consistency is a key factor in this type of campaign and if you simply do not have the time to stand behind it 100%, then it is best to pay a company to do it such as Webimax. If you have the funds to do it, then by all means, do it, as it only offers benefits. If applied correclty it could result in some long term benefits to your website which you will be thankful for. Good Luck!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Restful Vacation

What do we do in our everyday lives? Work! Don't you ever wish there comes a time when you can just sit back and relax, be able to put aside your pending works and slow down a bit? Sometimes work can be excruciatingly tough that we lose or cool and feel so stressed out. Though this isn't how work supposed to be but certain circumstances really lead to such toxic or very hectic workload.

What is best to do when you are feeling all so stressed and needing some break? Who says you cannot give yourself your own gift of a restful vacation? It is good to pamper yourself with some peace and quiet, a time-out time from your everyday busy life. Go to places where you can be far and away from work to enjoy such life's little pleasures.

If you are well-off to get yourself a vacation house it would be great to see some listings from Hawaii Real Estate. White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters sure can ease your mind's troubles and worries. A Hawaii getaway will do if budget restricts you to get a place for you.

Hawaii real estate


Monday, July 18, 2011

Post Break: Adding some pretty houseplants to my home

My home really is my own personal oasis. I've worked for years to gather lots of antique furniture and things for around my home. I love all of my stuff and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But I love to mix in different things to make it even more my own and take it above just other people's things that I've collected.

I saw this one spread of a really beautiful home in a magazine a few weeks ago and there were all kinds of gorgeous plants put throughout it. While I was online checking out what kinds of houseplants would be good for that for my own home, I saw some information on I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I found and while I was doing that I decided to sign up for a new internet package.

I found this one really nice pretty houseplant online that will look perfect with my existing decor. So I'm going to work on finding that in a store near me.

Guest post written by Carlita Morrison


Monday, June 6, 2011

Scrubs For Her

Bluesky has great looking scrub uniforms for women. You can find it all in with some cool scrub hats to go with it. Who says you can't be fashionable while in your scrubs?

Gift giving is a very nice gesture most especially on certain occasions but finding the right thing to give is always a challenge. Women in medical field would love to have some new pair of scrubs with a lovely printed scrub hat to go wit it.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Security

(image credit)

What could a husband give her wife if she's not much into any material things? That's hard but there will always be something to give. If you are a homeowner and you're worried that dear wife and kids are always being left at home when you are at work or your home being alone for a while when you take family trips and vacations, keeping it secured is something you have to think about.

Why not get a home security system to make it less worrysome for you and your family. You'll feel protected whether you are home and sleeping or out and away somewhere. Home security hardin can be the perfect gift you can give to someone you treat so dearly and always want to be safe and protected by all means. Match it with an ultimate surprise of subscribing to for your family tv viewing nights. Not only you can promote a safer home but also better viewing experience for all.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom's Bday

For my mom’s 50th birthday this year, I knew I wanted to get her something really special. I actually couldn't think of anything tangible that she needed or wanted, so I decided booking her an exotic vacation would be the way to go. She and her boyfriend have been talking about wanting to go to the Bahamas for a long time now so that was a no-brainer, and I immediately took to my CLEAR-INTERNETwireless to go ahead and start researching travel packages for the two of them.

Once I started looking around though, I realize that the trip was going to be cheap enough for my husband and I to attend as well! My mom is always talking about how she wishes we would spend more quality time together, so planning a trip for the four of us was undoubtedly to make her ecstatic. I wrapped up the plane tickets in a box and when I gave them to her, I thought she was going to fall off her chair! We leave in a week!

Contribution by Stevie Kirby


Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring's almost over but the cleaning never stops. Not everything at home we can manage to clean on our own, possible but tough jobs like carpets and restorations can make use of professionals' aid. What could be better gift than sending a home steam carpet cleaner Austin to your folks? Such kind of job shouldn't be done by the oldies anymore, not that they can't but it's just heck a tiring. has been providing such quality services to homes and commercial establishments over the years. Guaranteed that you'll love their job because customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities. This made them stay over the years and will still continue to serve for more years to come. Check out for more offers, services and updates.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Housewarming Gifts

Not everybody's lucky enough to get their condo, townhouse or house already furnished. Furniture pieces alone can cost big money to starters but there's no other choice but to purchase it after all. How about giving it as a housewarming gift? Not a bad idea right? Rather than giving a little it of this and that why not collaborate with friends or relatives to come up with a bigger item. This way what's more needed is what you give and you even end up helping them out with their home furnishing.

Usually the interiors get covered first with the purchases and the exterior's left bare thinking they'll have it done later on. Think about the patio, deck or the yard, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice patio set with some Adirondack chairs for some outdoor relaxation? You don't need to go extreme like get them picnic tables and park benches because it's just for home use and nothing extra ordinary. Minor site furnishings can be a good addition to their lawn where people can stay there and socialize on occasions.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow animal hat

I think that a lot of times when it's all cold and snowy outside people look really silly all bundled up. It's hard to look normal and completely stylish looking when it's that cold out, so I like to take advantage of the silliness to put on some cute cold weather accessories. I used to have a little snow hat that had a face on top of it that looked very cartoonish with bug eyes on it. But I'm not exactly sure what happened to it because after our first good snow it was nowhere to be find. So I decided that it was time to get a silly snow hat replacement.

I thought it would be best to do that during the after Christmas sales online. While I was doing some of that online shopping I came across the website and after I looked through it some, I changed over my home internet service to the provider.

I found this really cute little snow animal hat while I was on Etsy and although I normally never buy stuff off of there I simply couldn't resist because it was what I had in mind.

Guest post written by Sidney Horowitz


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gimme Some Tickets

There are many kinds of tickets that you can buy but what could be the perfect one to get? Of course it all depends on whom to give and what his or her preferences could be. If that person loves to watch movies then by all means get some movie pass. Passionate with concerts and dances then concert ticket is a must. Sports enthusiasts obviously would be happy to watch live sports in the stadium for the hype and crowd.

Getting the ticket is another deal, where to get good priced tickets as these events could come with a hefty price tag. has the answer to your ticket deals. May it be concert or sports event surely you'll find what you're looking for. No need to go directly to places like Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, AT&T Park or AT&T Stadium to get those tickets. No more falling in line and you can even get it at the comfort of your home. Not only you can find the best deals, you also can save gas too.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scrubs For You & Me

Thinking of a perfect gift for somebody working in a medical field or institution? What else can be better than nursing scrubs uniform! These people are usually on duty and by all means need to change into their scrub uniforms. Scrubs can be a very practical gift for them because it's something they can definitely use, of course just make sure you got them the right size.

Bluesky has a great selection of scrubs for men, women and even for kids. The designs are simple and very comfortable with variety of colors to choose from. This is perfect for those institutions not requiring specific uniform colors, you choose what fits their taste and style.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Care Gift Ideas

Homes can always have many options for gifts and apparently the most practical to think of. Say carpet cleaner products austin can be very useful to most homes with carpets as flooring. We know how important to keep it clean and in mint condition therefore that's one ideal home care gift.

Not only the carpets need attention so as the furniture most especially upholstery. Getting upholstery cleaning services austin to do the job can be a pleaser for busy people. Dust and allergens can cause sickness to everybody more so when you have pets. Cleaner furniture can mean healthier homes for everybody.

Last but not the least getting house dehumidifiers austin is also a great home care gift idea. Some humidity is good for us but when it's too much, the sticky feeling is even worse than ever. Dehumidifying the home areas can give you much comfort and fresher feel.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting to Make Holiday Gifts

I like to knit during the holiday season as an easy and affordable way to make last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Knitting always allows me to come up with creative ways to please every person in my family. For the teenagers, who like unusual and bright clothing accessories, I knit them socks with bright stripes on them and colorful stocking caps.

I find that knitting relaxes me and gives me a way to pursue the creative side of me. For gifts for my husband, I often knit him thick gloves he can wear when he is cleaning the snow off of the drive way or large, baggy sweaters in his favorite colors. When I am not knitting, I like to watch my satellite tv specials and enjoy the variety of shows. This gives my hands a chance to relax from knitting and before long, I am back to creating more gifts! I also like to knit Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for friends, neighbors, and extended family members. They treasure the homemade gift and I enjoy making them.

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Impromptu New Year's Eve party

**A party can be a good general gift you can give to a group of people without having to worry about little gifts for everybody.**

Last year it was about noon on New Year's Eve and I decided that I was going to throw a party that night. I called a few of my friends and told them to bring over their families for it, along with some refreshments. I was afraid that it was just going to be our family because it was so last minute, but it was actually one of the best New Year's parties that I've ever attended! It was so nice to not have to have been worrying about this for days before the actual party and stressing out about finding recipes for it and stuff like that. I've thrown parties where it's been like that before, which definitely took away from the fun that we had in the end.

Well I was thinking about how much fun that was and when I wad doing that I came across this website and after I read through it a little bit, I signed our household up for one of the packages I found on there.

I'm actually thinking about doing an impromptu New Year's Eve partyagain, but I don't think that we will. I doubt that I could make it that successful two years in a row.

Guest post written by Janet Bushwick


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Skiing Near You

**Some gifts can't come in physical form like objects but a well thought gift like a ski trip can be fun filled and sure;y has a personal touch. Ideal for couple, friends or the whole family. **

Skiing is an important winter sport or recreational activity. Skiing and snowboarding can be found in many places. If you are going skiing in the Wausau, Wisconsin area then Granite Peak Ski area is the perfect choice for you to pick.

Granite Ski park is locate at the Rib Mountain state park and they feature seventy four runs, and seven lifts. They offer their visitors lessons as well as accomodation, and ski packages. For an adult to go skiing all day at Granite Peak it's $28.00 a day, and for children ages six to twelve and seniors over sixty five it's only $22.00 a day. The skiing season at Granite Peak usually starts December 13, but it does start earlier such as this year depending on the weather, and usually ends around March 20th. Granite Peak also offers night skiing from 4pm to 9pm. Granite Peak is in Wausau Wisconsin at the Rib Mountain State Park.

Skiing with your friends, or even your family is an enjoyable experience, but you will need to make sure that you make the proper precautions before you go out to the ski hill. You will want to make sure that you have turned everything off, and you will want to make sure that you set your home security alarm from before you leave the house to have the most enjoyable experience.

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

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