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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Rush

Many are still doing last minute Christmas Shopping like me =) along with teh Christmas rush. One practical reason why I haven't finished some Christmas buys is because they put out more clearances as the date nears. Saving a little from the numerous presents can benefit you in the long run, you can still get other smaller things from the savings. One practical gift for kids that I love to give is coin bank. Coin banks are good gifts to help teach the kids about saving. The earlier they learn about it, the more they can benefit from it as they grow up.

Almost everywhere you go right now have clearance and holiday sale but if you have free coupons to use like restaurant coupons or merchandise coupons that can really save you a lot.

link to check: For holiday food guide, see Food Guide Epicurious


Monday, November 30, 2009

For The Girls

image c/o crazy bargains

This season is all about shopping, well for me! I always love the holiday season when I can just keep myself busy shopping for gifts and some goodies for me too. Just yesterday I browsed around for some gift shopping and was able to get a nice leather belt which is ideal to give guys most especially of older age, special collector's dvd + novel set something you don't get to find everyday a great gift for movie enthusiasts and collectors, bratz doll pack for little girls and jewelry gift set ideal for grannies who still love to glam up. For me more practical gifts also are the best to give like clothes.

image c/o

I have 2 girls that I shop for, my baby niece and younger sis-in-law. So what are ideal clothes to give them? You can't go wrong with denims / jeans for the bottoms. It's the type of clothe to fit in all season and very durable. Footwear like shoes and socks are very useful too. Sometimes it's hard to choose styles that they will like so I suggest pajamas can be something good to substitute those clothing. just make sure you get the right size or more advisable at least 1 size bigger for kids because they tend to outgrow clothes so fast. Giving a little size allowance will prolong the lifespan of your gift for them to enjoy.

image c/o BabyMe


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Practical & No Cost!

Today's economy is really down so it's also hard to splurge away on gifts. Since holiday season's coming we have to find other means of gift giving, more practical and no cost on our part the better. I know it sounds so cheap but maybe the saying "it's the thought that counts" will prove this.

One family member who just moved in and temporarily sheltering under us is about to buy a car and of course that would mean insurance. Just thinking instead of giving car accessories as gifts why not just give links to cheap car insurance site? It's very practical and no cost at all! This is if you really have nothing to spare at least you thought of giving out such gesture. Car insurance is very important here and it's a no-no to drive without it. You'll never know when will you have the need for it like an accident. Collisions can cause great damage and being insured will lessen your worries. American Car Quotes helps individuals get auto insurance, I bet first time car buyers like this family member will need more help setting up everything so this kind of gift might just work out. Of course you can never be so tight not to give anything else but if budget really calls for frugality, think about it.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Portable Electric Heater

Now that summer's about to end, the cool autumn breeze kicks in from time to time.  Sometimes it gets extremely cold and not all times we want to turn on the heater most especially those who use gas heaters.  This small portable electric heater can be an ideal gift for this coming cold seasons.  Don't under estimate this, it may be so small but it can really provide nice comfortable heat to keep you warm.  Practical, right?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Admit One!

It's summer time and aside from hitting up the beach and fun parks what other relaxing and fun thing to do? Yup, movies! A lot of good movies are out during summer season so if you're looking for some cool gift you can give, movie passes are just as great!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy father's Day!

Fathers have their special day of the year and that's a good time to make him feel extra special.

I always prefer hand made gifts for special occasions so my gift idea for this one is dad's precious photo. It doesn't need to be dad's latest or best photo but something memorable to you and him. You may frame the photo and put special dedication and personally hand it over to him. It can also be your baby photos with dad to keep reminding him that you're still and will always be dad's boy/girl.

As I always say, gifts need not to be so expensive or extravagant, what's important is the thought that comes with it. Again, happy father's Day to all dad out there.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Graduation!

Congratulation newly grads!

It's graduation time and have you thought of gifts for your dear graduates? It's easy to give gifts to kids and teens but the young adults need to have their fare share, right?

It might look a bit late to give this calendar / organizer at this time since we're done with the year's quarter but I'm after more on the usefulness of these items. Those who are stepping up to college can have good use of these. Like jotting down schedules (most especially for those who take part-time work), finances and dates probably! =D

Whenever I think of a gift, I always consider first the use of it. Sometimes it's hard to give other people things because of being picky and not so appreciative of such items. We all know those people exist. Not everybody appreciates the thought sad to say. This is also a practical and economical suggestion for a gift. Of course you can splurge and go crazy with your desired gift, it's all up to you.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Door Curtain

I'm personally looking for a door curtain, haven't seen 1 yet since I came here in my place. Our apartment is just a 1-bdrm unit with t&b, living and dining areas. Whenever we have visitors over and they need to use bathroom, they have to go in the bedroom to access it. No privacy at all! These door curtains somehow conceal and leave a bit of privacy to spaces. It's nice to have it most especially for those who have conjoined function spaces. Many designs available like beads, bamboo, shells and other materials. Anyone of you guys who knows where to find this, feel free to leave a comment or note here. Thanks!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Hi there, I apologize for not posting lately. Been really busy. I have gathered some gift ideas for all other occasions. I think I'll get to post things pretty soon.

It's Valentine's Day again!!! Thinking of a nice gift for your loved ones? Anywhere you go these days there are sale everywhere for gifts like plush toys, cards, flowers, clothing and chocolates. Common but that's what we usually give.

I was browsing thru walgreens and saw some items that I want to give my husband. Since he's always working, I thought a goo massage will be a relaxing gift. Found some special couple's massage oils and I think it's one good gift on my list. There are some body candies & chocolates too there for those who opt for a sexier gift.

There's really no need to be extravagant with your gifts, what matters most is that you will spend some good time together. Some quality time that you don't get to have doing your daily home/work routine. Make your partner feel that he/she is loved and treasured. Saying "I Love You" is still one of the best.

This time I won't be suggesting much of other gifts. My advice is that you choose and see what that person would want to have and need to have. Make it suit the personality of the receiver. How small or big it may be, for me it's the thought that counts most.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magazine Rack

For those who are so much into organizing their pads, magazine racks can be of some use for their magazines and other reading materials.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Head gear

Helmets are necessary for riders whether it's as small as kiddie bike and as big as an ATV. There are also helmets for workers like firemen, miners and construction people. Some helmets are for game purpose like football, baseball, racing and the likes.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner Coordinates

Placemat set can be a very useful gift. It comes in variety of designs and materials. Perfect for families who always sit and eat together.

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