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Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome to Paradise!

Two weeks ago, my wife and I prepared for our first retirement trip together. We purchased new swimwear, packed our bags, and I finally got my hearing test by miracle ear. We made all the necessary preparations, and then we traveled out to the airport. Soon after, we were on a plane heading to the luxurious Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

When we arrived at the resort, we couldn't get over all that we saw. The Atlantis was magnificent and had the most beautiful surroundings we had ever seen. We were so happy that we finally made it to paradise after years of living and working in the city.

In short, our vacation was unforgettable. We had an incredibly luxurious time in one of the most beautiful places in the world. For this past week, we have gone through our pictures and fantasized about when we can go on vacation again.

Next month, my wife and I plan to go to Key West. We've had a taste of paradise, and we can't stop now.

Guest post written by Steve Maddox


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sparkling Diamonds

What could be the most perfect gift for your dearest bride to be?

Planning of popping the question can be nerve wrecking to some guys and just seems to be so hard. It's like the ride of their life and there's no turning back. The rehearsals and preparations is something they've never done before so making sure everything will work just as planned.

What could be better than diamond engagement rings or diamond eternity rings! You can even go more personal and do "engagement rings design your own", the thought of you giving all your heart to that ring can mean more than picking just any ring on display.

Rings are symbol of love and commitment. Diamonds or not don't really matter but the rings symbolize loyalty and devotion to your dearest partner.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Post Break:

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The career certifications ion Cisco are IT professionals certification for their products. There are traditional institutions which handle Cisco courses like the Cisco Networking Academy and it's also offered at various collegiate institutions. These institutions are all over US like Chicago CCNA, San Diego CCNA. In Virginia Cisco course there's a specialization for Virginia MCITP course too.

There are five levels of certification for Cisco like the Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect. The certification can validate the persons ability to work for their systems. It is recognized as a key route for professionals who are going towards the network career. The intensive training course will assure that you can acquire the proper knowledge needed to suit the demand of a highly skilled network professional.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Nascar Race is a Great Birthday Gift

I knew that my husband was an avid Nascar fan, so when I was trying to think of gift ideas for his birthday, my mind kept wandering to Nascar-related items. Finally it dawned on me. I should buy him a pair of tickets to a Nascar race. When I gave him his gift, he was absolutely delighted. He couldn't stop thanking me for being so thoughtful. The previous year, I had given him a purple sweater that I had thought was cute, but apparently he didn't agree - so it was easy to exceed his expectations.

The race was in Florida, which is only a few hours from our home in Georgia. We decided that we wanted to get there a day early so that we didn't feel rushed. The day before the event, we packed up our bags and loaded up the car. I made sure that our home was secure by properly setting our home security alarm that I found on, and then we hopped in the car. We made great time, since neither of us had to stop to take a bathroom break.

When we finally got there, we mingled with the people in the parking lot. My husband liked to talk about his favorite Nascar drivers, but I didn't know any of them. I was surprised by how loud the cars are as they race around the track.

Contributed by Vickie Tyson


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Perfect Home

It sounds so ambitious and very expensive to give a house as a gift but for those couple who are renting this might be a better gift. Imagine how much you are paying every month for something that will never be yours? That's how it goes with renting, you keep paying and it's like your money is just getting down the drain. If you invest on a house that can be yours in the future, it can be the perfect gift for both of you. At least you know you're money is going somewhere important.

There are many homes for sale today ranging from new, old, foreclosed and even auctioned. However you wish to get it, whichever is the most practical one for you it doesn't matter. There are also Paradise Valley homes for sale, see if it's the one for you.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post Break: Going to a Professional Football Game

I am not much for the party scene, most of the time but, I must admit I throw the best Sunday football parties known to man. I turn on my satellite TV from on my big screen, order some pizza, cook up some wings and even pick up a keg, then it's time to end the weekend with a bang!

Everyone that comes to my parties is super into professional football, which makes the party that much more fun than any other. No fake football fans allowed. We all get really into it and just have a blast, even though at times we may have opposing views. Sometimes though, my party goers don't know what to do with themselves because I really enjoy going to the live games as well.

There is nothing like coating myself in the colors of the team which I came out to represent and acting foolish with my fellow super fans. At these professional league games everyone is so enthralled in the game there are no distractions and that is probably my favorite part about it. No need to worry about needing to let the dog out or whether someone just spilled an entire beer on my brand new couch. There is something really liberating about being able to act like a total animal with no holds barred at the game.

Written by my friend Dong Wood


Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Gift For Two

Having tee times is something any couple can enjoy every once in a while. Spending some quality time together and rekindling back the old times can make a perfect spark for a warm and blissful relationship.

How about 48 hour tee times for the perfect couple? A quick break from the busy world to have a little bit of relaxation and fun can be a great gift. Perhaps a little game of golf, stroll by the beach or sightseeing and fine dining? There are many options to choose from which activities can suit perfectly for any couple, check out for packages and see what can be your perfect gift for two.

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