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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Hi there, I apologize for not posting lately. Been really busy. I have gathered some gift ideas for all other occasions. I think I'll get to post things pretty soon.

It's Valentine's Day again!!! Thinking of a nice gift for your loved ones? Anywhere you go these days there are sale everywhere for gifts like plush toys, cards, flowers, clothing and chocolates. Common but that's what we usually give.

I was browsing thru walgreens and saw some items that I want to give my husband. Since he's always working, I thought a goo massage will be a relaxing gift. Found some special couple's massage oils and I think it's one good gift on my list. There are some body candies & chocolates too there for those who opt for a sexier gift.

There's really no need to be extravagant with your gifts, what matters most is that you will spend some good time together. Some quality time that you don't get to have doing your daily home/work routine. Make your partner feel that he/she is loved and treasured. Saying "I Love You" is still one of the best.

This time I won't be suggesting much of other gifts. My advice is that you choose and see what that person would want to have and need to have. Make it suit the personality of the receiver. How small or big it may be, for me it's the thought that counts most.

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