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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy father's Day!

Fathers have their special day of the year and that's a good time to make him feel extra special.

I always prefer hand made gifts for special occasions so my gift idea for this one is dad's precious photo. It doesn't need to be dad's latest or best photo but something memorable to you and him. You may frame the photo and put special dedication and personally hand it over to him. It can also be your baby photos with dad to keep reminding him that you're still and will always be dad's boy/girl.

As I always say, gifts need not to be so expensive or extravagant, what's important is the thought that comes with it. Again, happy father's Day to all dad out there.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Graduation!

Congratulation newly grads!

It's graduation time and have you thought of gifts for your dear graduates? It's easy to give gifts to kids and teens but the young adults need to have their fare share, right?

It might look a bit late to give this calendar / organizer at this time since we're done with the year's quarter but I'm after more on the usefulness of these items. Those who are stepping up to college can have good use of these. Like jotting down schedules (most especially for those who take part-time work), finances and dates probably! =D

Whenever I think of a gift, I always consider first the use of it. Sometimes it's hard to give other people things because of being picky and not so appreciative of such items. We all know those people exist. Not everybody appreciates the thought sad to say. This is also a practical and economical suggestion for a gift. Of course you can splurge and go crazy with your desired gift, it's all up to you.

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