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Friday, January 29, 2010

TV Gift Surprise

If you have been reading my previous 2 posts about Direct TV Offers and Direct TV Specials and how useful and practical it can be as a gift, I am glad to come across more promotions here in California through I found out more about the DVR usage and that alone can make FIL so happy about having it.

What made me feel better about the DVR promotions for Directtv specials? FIL being a bit forgetful sometimes tend to miss out on his shows and programs and also loves to watch movies. Through the recording capabilities, he can watch his news which he really thinks is very important to see everyday and then have his other programs recorded. This way he's not missing on other shows or it can even work for MIL's benefits since she has some program specifics too. They both can have the chance to see their shows on their convenient time. I can really say that this Directv specials is just perfect gift for them. They are both staying at home all the time and just goes out if needed. Most of their time is spent watching the big tube. This might not work for all as a gift so just see if this kind of gift will fit the person you intend to give it to.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Watch and Give, Gift Advantage

My previous post was about a Direct TV subscription package as a gift and this post is just to give a follow up about the previous post. Here are good points to consider with this kind of offer:

  • High Definition - great for watching!
  • Comes with Digital Video Recorder - for people who loves to watch and always out and about, they still can see their favorite shows by simply recording it and watching it whenever time permits them to
  • Global International Channels - mother and father in law are from 2 different countries so they love to see their own local news and other local programs their respective countries have, this is good for them
  • Sports & Local Channels - great for sports enthusiasts and those who channel surf through the local channels, local news are very important!
  • Premium Movie Channels - Why rent if you can have it free and more selective choices through TV? more economical choice!
Now, don't you think all these can justify having Satellite Directv / DirectTV for a very nice and practical gift?


Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch And Give

Nowadays it's hard to get the right gift for someone most especially family members whom you are with all the time. Either they have all the things they need or what they want is very expensive for you. But looking online for some practical and useful gifts intended for household use can be worth doing just like this Direct TV package. I don't know if this will work with everybody but like my father-in-law who just loves to watch TV so much or movies thi can be a good gift for him. He can save from his monthly dvd movie rentals and just watch all he wants all day and night long. Another bonus that comes with it is the directv Visa $100 prepaid card that comes along with the package. I know it's like you cheated on giving a gift like this, it's not you paying for the monthly but at least giving this option for them to switch to can further save bucks from their usual bill. The gift is still a winner for me. Consider the $100 gift as your money value gift for them. If you think this can be very useful for them then why not? I can see great sense with this gift for him because soon they (father-in-law & the rest) will move out from our place and Direct TV in CA can still provide continued service for them.

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