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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is fast approaching and most of us would want to make our moms and grandmas feel so special on this day. Here are some simple gifts to give...

  • For moms who work all day at home doing all housechores and babysitting, it will be great to give them a little break or day off. Offer some help in the kitchen to lessen her chores or make her some treats. Something out of your effort will truly make her happy.
  • For moms and grandmas who love to knit, crochet, quilt.... craft items like yarns, threads and other things that you know drive their interest will be nice to give.
  • Brooch comes in different styles and designs. This can be good for working moms who are most of the times wearing corporate suits.
  • If you wish your gift to be more for the entire family, you may plan a small picnic or ask them to go to your favorite place. Pack some sandwiches and grab on foods to go with your family stroll. Nothing beats spending some quality time for the family.
  • For moms who just love to read, try scanning through the bookstores and find the perfect bookfor her. A collection of quotes and inspiration for moms will make a good gift for her.
  • Some good bonding with moms isn't a bad idea at all. Hit up the salon or spa and just let her relax for a day.
  • Hand mom or grandma a stem of rose, definitely a sweet gift for them. It doesn't need to be a big bouquet or some expensive flowers, a thought of you remembering them on their special day is more important than anything.
  • Look in your family albums and get your mom's most favorite photo. It can be her solo shot or the one with her dearest person (can be dad, mom, friend, daughter, son..etc) and put it in a nice photo frame. Having her most precious captured moments on frame surely will put a smile on her face.
  • To keep her jewels and accessories, a jewelry box will make a good gift.
  • Print mom a card or make a special one for her. Express your creativity and pour out your feelings, thank her for being such a great mom.
  • Dial the phone, call dad and let mom have some extra time talking to him. This is ideal for parents who are live apart because of dad having to work somewhere. Calling long distance is quite a pain in the budget, save some pennies and get a callcard even the cheapest one so that they will have the chance to hear each other. But for those who have their moms somewhere, call her and greet. Ask how she's been and make her feel always remembered.
  • Bring mom or grandma to theoptical shop, get them a new pair of eyeglasses or reading glasses.
  • New beddings can be another useful gift because most moms love to dress up their beds.
  • Some bakewares or kitchen items will be nice since moms spend alot of time in the kitchen.
  • Bath set or home spa set is a good gift too. If you intend to give mom something to pamper herself and yet your budget isn't that much to get her booked to a spa, these can still serve the same purpose. Better yet if you have some time and you're willing to do much effort to please mom, give her a personal massage or foot spa service.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Another inexpensive and useful gift with wide array of designs. This can go for any occasion gift and each pillow design can fit a person's character and likeness. You can also have it personalized like printing photo on it, having names embroidered or simply get an alphabet (letter) pillow. If you intend the pillow to be used, better give something simple like the body pillow or any regular pillow. Character or design pillows are good for display and decor.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


This type of gift isn't that expensive but it sure has a good purpose, to de-stress. This can go for any occasion gift as well since there's a wide variety of designs to choose from. It can fit certain lifestyle or characterof a person or even seasons. Here are some cute designs and still alot more out there!


Anyday Gifts (General)

Oftentimes, it's harder to think of simpler gifts or those non-occasion gifts. Most gifts that fall under the"anyday gift" are suggested to be more practical and useful so that the use can also be maximized.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surprise him / her with a call

Of course not everybody gets the chance to be together on their special days, many are not too fortunate enough to be with their loved ones due to distance and work issues. Being apart sure is painful already but this shouldn't be a reason to just leave it and let the day pass without doing anything. Classic it may seem but traditional cards and letters really make the day meaningful. It's a simple way of communicating and talking thru your writings. Technology nowadays plays a big role in our lives, such a big ease for those longing hearts. A call on the phone to hear him / her on the other line is something that's worth doing.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries should always be celebrated by couples no matter how simple or extravagant they want it to be. It's not just an additional digit for the two but another year of togetherness. Not even distance should hinder such celebration, despite being apart there are still ways of doing things "together". Here are some simple suggestions on how you can make your day special thru simple ways...simple gifts. Above all these suggestions, expressing or saying how much you love and care for your partner counts most. Don't forget to capture your special day, keep photographs may it be 1 or'll be worth going back to album pages as years go by.

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