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Monday, November 30, 2009

For The Girls

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This season is all about shopping, well for me! I always love the holiday season when I can just keep myself busy shopping for gifts and some goodies for me too. Just yesterday I browsed around for some gift shopping and was able to get a nice leather belt which is ideal to give guys most especially of older age, special collector's dvd + novel set something you don't get to find everyday a great gift for movie enthusiasts and collectors, bratz doll pack for little girls and jewelry gift set ideal for grannies who still love to glam up. For me more practical gifts also are the best to give like clothes.

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I have 2 girls that I shop for, my baby niece and younger sis-in-law. So what are ideal clothes to give them? You can't go wrong with denims / jeans for the bottoms. It's the type of clothe to fit in all season and very durable. Footwear like shoes and socks are very useful too. Sometimes it's hard to choose styles that they will like so I suggest pajamas can be something good to substitute those clothing. just make sure you get the right size or more advisable at least 1 size bigger for kids because they tend to outgrow clothes so fast. Giving a little size allowance will prolong the lifespan of your gift for them to enjoy.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Practical & No Cost!

Today's economy is really down so it's also hard to splurge away on gifts. Since holiday season's coming we have to find other means of gift giving, more practical and no cost on our part the better. I know it sounds so cheap but maybe the saying "it's the thought that counts" will prove this.

One family member who just moved in and temporarily sheltering under us is about to buy a car and of course that would mean insurance. Just thinking instead of giving car accessories as gifts why not just give links to cheap car insurance site? It's very practical and no cost at all! This is if you really have nothing to spare at least you thought of giving out such gesture. Car insurance is very important here and it's a no-no to drive without it. You'll never know when will you have the need for it like an accident. Collisions can cause great damage and being insured will lessen your worries. American Car Quotes helps individuals get auto insurance, I bet first time car buyers like this family member will need more help setting up everything so this kind of gift might just work out. Of course you can never be so tight not to give anything else but if budget really calls for frugality, think about it.

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