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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post Break: Going to a Professional Football Game

I am not much for the party scene, most of the time but, I must admit I throw the best Sunday football parties known to man. I turn on my satellite TV from on my big screen, order some pizza, cook up some wings and even pick up a keg, then it's time to end the weekend with a bang!

Everyone that comes to my parties is super into professional football, which makes the party that much more fun than any other. No fake football fans allowed. We all get really into it and just have a blast, even though at times we may have opposing views. Sometimes though, my party goers don't know what to do with themselves because I really enjoy going to the live games as well.

There is nothing like coating myself in the colors of the team which I came out to represent and acting foolish with my fellow super fans. At these professional league games everyone is so enthralled in the game there are no distractions and that is probably my favorite part about it. No need to worry about needing to let the dog out or whether someone just spilled an entire beer on my brand new couch. There is something really liberating about being able to act like a total animal with no holds barred at the game.

Written by my friend Dong Wood

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