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Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting to Make Holiday Gifts

I like to knit during the holiday season as an easy and affordable way to make last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Knitting always allows me to come up with creative ways to please every person in my family. For the teenagers, who like unusual and bright clothing accessories, I knit them socks with bright stripes on them and colorful stocking caps.

I find that knitting relaxes me and gives me a way to pursue the creative side of me. For gifts for my husband, I often knit him thick gloves he can wear when he is cleaning the snow off of the drive way or large, baggy sweaters in his favorite colors. When I am not knitting, I like to watch my satellite tv specials and enjoy the variety of shows. This gives my hands a chance to relax from knitting and before long, I am back to creating more gifts! I also like to knit Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for friends, neighbors, and extended family members. They treasure the homemade gift and I enjoy making them.

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

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Tyler Deardon 2/04/2011 10:35 PM  

It's kind of cool that you allow guest posting. Also, Jewel Rodgers this is some great advice. I'll definately visit your blog!

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