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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Safe Cig To The Rescue

image credit The Safe Cig

Do you know anybody who's struggling to quite their smoking habits? How about giving them a gift which can rescue them from the addictive smoking habits they are sinking into? I believe in the gift of health therefore if we can introduce change and healthier or at least less harmful options for people we care for it can make a very big difference. As we all know smoking is dangerous to our health, not only for the person smoking but also for those who inhale the second hand smoke. It poses great health risks which later on can consume their bodies and lead to regretful conditions.

An electronic cigarette is a good alternative to regular cigars and tobaccos. People who are trying to quit from smoking can make a difference with this safer cigarette option. This e cigar can help smokers have the pleasure of smoking less the harmful chemicals which they used to smoke. Though the e cigar has nicotine content as ingredient, it doesn't have the tar, smoke and odor of a regular cigar. You must consider giving this product to people 18yrs and older and definitely not for childre, pregnant an d breastfeeding women, or people with medical complications unless medically recommended.

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