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Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow animal hat

I think that a lot of times when it's all cold and snowy outside people look really silly all bundled up. It's hard to look normal and completely stylish looking when it's that cold out, so I like to take advantage of the silliness to put on some cute cold weather accessories. I used to have a little snow hat that had a face on top of it that looked very cartoonish with bug eyes on it. But I'm not exactly sure what happened to it because after our first good snow it was nowhere to be find. So I decided that it was time to get a silly snow hat replacement.

I thought it would be best to do that during the after Christmas sales online. While I was doing some of that online shopping I came across the website and after I looked through it some, I changed over my home internet service to the provider.

I found this really cute little snow animal hat while I was on Etsy and although I normally never buy stuff off of there I simply couldn't resist because it was what I had in mind.

Guest post written by Sidney Horowitz

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Anonymous,  9/02/2011 7:49 AM  

I admit animal hats really look cool.I bought one from for my nephew.

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