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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lock Your Car Doors

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Having a home security system often makes homeowners lazy when it comes to being as safe as possible at home. Many people think that just because they have HOME ALARM SYSTEMS they have nothing to worry about. While have a home security system is helpful and can provide peace of mind, one should always be careful to take commonsense steps to protect their home and family. One of the most basic things people do is leave their car doors unlocked! It’s amazing how often people have items stolen from their vehicles, especially electronics like phones and GPS systems because they forgot to lock the car doors. You wouldn’t leave your car doors unlocked in a parking lot at the grocery store so why would you do it at home where your car is sitting outside all night? Most people don’t do it on purpose—they have their hands full or are distracted and forget before they go in the house. Do yourself a favor—at night before you go to bed, just double check! If you have a remote, just hit the button. Most remotes will reach from inside your house!

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