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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post Break: Laughing through a timeless holiday theme

“The Santa Clause” is one of my favorite holiday movies. Every year, as we decorate the tree, my family and I watch it when it comes on our directv specials.

Tim Allen as Santa is truly funny. His comedic delivery is always spot on, and the tale that is told in this family frolic is heartwarming as well.

Our family makes a tradition of watch “The Santa Clause” as we all sit by our fireplace after decorating the Christmas tree. We serve up hot chocolate, and munch on popcorn while giggling our way through the movie.

Aside from the laughs, “The Santa Clause” has a wonderful story line. The suffering the lead character, Scott, must endure as he finds out he has become Santa makes for a complex character despite the move being a comedy. The acceptance of becoming Santa strikes a chord with me and my family as we experience that we are all asked to undertake tasks we may not want, but in the end it is best for everyone.

A funny journey featuring Chris Kringle in a whole new treatment, make “The Santa Clause” one of mine and my family's favorite holiday movies

Contribution by Saul Martin

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