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Friday, December 3, 2010

Personalizing gifts with something special this year

Every year I'm always looking for and trying to find new ways to personalize all of my Christmas gifts to my friends and family. Even though they end up ripping through them in the end to see what's inside, I love to see them pause and admire whatever special thing that I've done for them.

I was online trying to find that little something special to add to my gifts this year when I came across the website after reading through it, changed over my internet access to one of the packages offered on there.

Last year I went through the trouble of putting together these nice cards that people kind of overlooked in their hurry to unwrap gifts. So this year I think that I'm going to seal the bows for some of the presents with a Christmas wax seal of my own making. I saw it done last year on a professionally wrapped gift and I thought that it was the most precious thing that I had ever seen. We'll see how they go on a few first presents.

Guest post written by Emma Hammerstein

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