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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post Break: The Big 12 Championship

You can claim that this was an off year in the BIG 12 conference since they won't put a team in the BCS National Championship game like they usually do. Blah, blah, blah. Still, you can't complain about the fact that you get to watch two top 15 teams like Nebraska and Oklahoma square off on College Football Conference Championships weekend to see who will go to the Fiesta Bowl. Two dynamite teams that were a couple of losses away from a chance at the championship? There is no way I'm not checking this out on my
What is so intriguing about this match up is the fact that there really is no favorite. National sportswriters seem to be giving a slight edge to Nebraska, but it's not like they should be the outright favorite against a team like Oklahoma? Sure, Nebraska has had a "sexier" year with the school coming back to relevance, but Oklahoma is actually ranked ahead of Nebraska! This is going to be one of those run and gun type games where (clique alert!!!) the last team with the ball will probably win the game. Me: I'll be rooting for Nebraska, but only because it's good to see them be back on top. With that said, i would not be surprised to see Oklahoma playing in Glendale.
I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

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