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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift for the girl with too much jewelry

My best friend Traci has the biggest jewelry collection of anyone that I've ever known. I'm also pretty sure that she has as much as someone like Liz Taylor. But she finds a lot of hers at flea markets and can take the weirdest looking costume jewelry and find a way to pull it off. I wish that skill would rub off on me, but it unfortunately hasn't yet.

I thought about trying to find some new jewelry for her to wear, but I don't even think that she knows about all the jewelry that she has so I'm not going to risk buying her something that she already has a similar thing of. I was thinking about what I could get her and went online to try and figure something out. While I was doing that I ran across the website http://www.CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET4G.COM and decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that's available on the sie for my home internet access.

Then I got the idea to find a really cute jewelry holder for her to display some of that jewelry in her room.

Guest post written by Jennifer Gordon

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