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Monday, November 8, 2010

New books!

I'm pretty savvy with pop culture and I think I always have been. I guess that reading all those issues of Tiget Beat and Teen Bop must have done me some good because I'm always the first one to get a right answer for any kind of pop culture related question at bar trivia or just in general. So, I was really surprised a while back when one of my friends texted me about some new Sweet Valley High books that are coming out.

I went online to verify it was true, because I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard about it before her. Especially because that was my favorite book series growing up after the Baby Sitters Club books. After I found out from enough reliable sources online or decide that it was true, I saw this website and started reading through it. I like it better from the looks of it than the internet company that I was using at the time, so I switched over to it.

Now I can't wait for the new Sweet Valley High books and I think that they're going to be great, especially for all of us old fans!

Guest post written by Melody Church

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