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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homemade baked gifts for my friends

My friends are always willing to give me a helping hand when i need someone to eat all of my baked creations, so I thought that for the holidays this year I'd give them something that I knew they would love and bake them some of their favorite baked goods that I make. From over the years, I've learned which ones each person especially loves so I thought that it would be a nice gift to do that for them and I'd know that they would actually use it instead of just letting it sit around in a closet somewhere like so many gifts end up doing.

But I thought that I could find some new ways to try and package all of my baked goods, so I went online to try and come up with some good ideas. While I was doing that I found a clear internet bundle deal that I just couldn't turn down, so I signed up for it.

I thought that I would go a little bit further with my homemade gift idea and try and come up with some neat containers to put the stuff in.

Guest post written by Sheila Smart

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