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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joke gifts

This year for my 30th birthday party, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party and it actually suprised me! Normally no one can ever get anything by me, but they managed to do it somehow. One of teh best things about the party was that they gave me all of these joke gifts that they know I would never like or really even use. At the party, I threw all of them in the biggest gift bag and took all of them home and forgot about them.

But then when I was cleaning out my spare bedroom a couple of weeks ago, I found a Nicholas Sparks book that someone gave me and decided to see what the big deal was. But first I looked up a review of it online and it was actually a positive one. When I was doing that I also found and I think I might change over my internet service to that company.

Well the Nicholas Sparks book isn't Shakespeare or anything, but I guess I can see why people like this stuff.

Guest post written by Santana Burton

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