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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Thanks to Darwin Barton

I am a big time Ebay. I use Ebay anytime that I can. You can usually find everything that you need for half of the price. Sometimes people get frustrated with Ebay because you do have to spend time looking through the auctions, but I really enjoy getting a deal and looking for a deal. I have been using my clear wireless internet to search eBay for the perfect Vintage Hamilton watch for my husband. He collects the watches and I really like them. I like anything vintage. I was reading through an antique book and saw the Hamilton Doctor’s Watch. It has two faces, one with a clock and one with a timer. They were produced from 1931 until 1949. Ebay is really the best place to find one. The other day after months of searching, I came across one in nearly perfect condition. It even had a buy it now price and a good rate. I immediately bought it. I was perfect when it came in the mail. I just can’t wait until my husband’s birthday so that I can surprise him with it. I think that he is really going to love it.

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