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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Birthday and a Ring

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

I was having trouble trying to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend of 3 years. We usually don’t spend that much money on each other, but I wanted this birthday to be special. I found a great deal on a MAC, and also ordered him clear wireless internet Baltimore. I had his computer and high-speed internet connection set up and put in his room. I thought that I was giving him the surprise of his life, but when I went over to his house to see if he had gotten his computer, he had the house filled with candles! He proposed to me on his birthday! He hadn’t even seen the computer yet, but he was thrilled to death for two things that day- his new computer- and also the fact that I said yes! I guess I kind of got myself a new computer and internet connection today—and also a great big ring! I’m not sure how I got all of the presents on his birthday, but I couldn’t be more excited!

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