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Sunday, August 29, 2010

How About Rent?

Have you ever thought of giving a rent as in apartment rent as gift? Oh well to make perfect sense of what I'm driving at, I'm just trying to say that this can also be a good gift. To give you more light to this suggestion here's an example. We had to house my in-laws for the meantime but we initially thought why not just get another unit and we pay for the initial rent until they get settled. It's better than them having to cram in our space and having to move later on. It's cheaper than giving a house for a gift.

Take for an instance you have a very dear friend or relative who just got hitched and they are still eyeing for a place to stay. If you knew where they want to be and they need more of an accommodation this gift can be so useful and helpful to them. You don't need to fork out all the amount for the rental fee since this is quite a big gift to give, a month's worth of rent shared with the rest of your friends or families contribution can make this happen. This can also help the new couple get settled and if they happen to love the place, they can even just continue renting it for themselves. It's a big favor already that something's already provided for them to stay.

Check out the luxury Durham, NC apartments, Rent High Point, NC apartments or Charlotte, NC apartments if the old charm can captivate you. These places are highly recommendable for such intentions. Fine and beautiful neighborhood plus reasonably priced rentable units, a perfet haven for new settlers.

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