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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Suggestions

It's inevitable that at some point we're being invited to weddings. This kind of occasion is very special to the celebrants since it signals the start of their togetherness. Of course it's a proper norm to carry a gift or at least send a gift if you can't attend. Not every couple has gift registry to assure that the gifts they'll get are what they need or hoping to receive. Don't think of this like they are being demanding or asking too much from the attendees. This kind of way is best for them not to receive "repeated gifts" therefore, practicality.

There are alot of factors to consider in giving gifts most especially for those who don't have registry like:
  • Do they prefer to receive monetary gift?
  • Do they have a house already? Moving in? Buying a new one? Renting?
  • What are the things they need after the wedding?
  • Are they expecting a baby already?
These questions will eventually lead to clues on what you can give the couple. If you are close enough with them, you can simply ask what they need or prefer to receive from you. Take note that we're not just talking about price tags here, your presence will be very much appreciated than any gift.

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