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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just for Dad!

Of course our dad is just as special as our mom... This Father's Day, let us make our dads feel how much we value them. Here are simple gifts to do the trick!

  • Go fishing or just hang around dad's favorite places
  • Cook his favorite meal or desserts
  • Watch movies at home or in the cinema...better if it's your treat!
  • Set a simple or romantic dinner / date for dad and mom alone
  • Guys if you're old enough, it's okay to drink some beer with dad
  • A bit cheesy but a new wallet with family picture inside for sentimental, family-man dads
  • For executive dads, new necktie or necktie pin won't cost you much
  • For sporty dads, a new cap, hat, jersey or even sneakers will be nice to give
  • Give him a call just to greet wherever he might be
  • Father's day cards are all over bookstores, better grab one...that alone is enough
  • If he just loves to drive, roadtrip will be fun
  • Play some sports or games, dads would love to once again play with their kids
  • Work tools for dads who loves crafts and DIY type dads, make sure he doesn't have yet
  • Even if we don't want to tolerate dad's smoking habits, for this day it's fine to give a lighter
  • For sigle dads who pay for everything and provide all your & household needs, some groceries or bill payment sure helps alot
  • SPA treatment (massage) will give them some time to relax those tired muscles
  • A CD / DVD of his favorite artist or movie is somethinghe could keep
  • A new pair of eyeglasses, reading glasses or sunglasses will be much appreciated

These are just some suggestions but it's still YOU who knows best what your dad will love to receive the most. This list is not only good for Father's Day... it's practically a general gift guide for dads.

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